Dark Circle


Dear Rocker

Now and again, some people leave the circle and places become available. The Dark Circle is a close community of like minded people who believe in everything we do and promote @ HRH, as well as keeping the scene alive in general and spreading the word.

The DC, has a wealth of advantages both monetary and personal and has a special touch and personal service dedicated to our members ensuring we can help with absolutely anything they need within our powers.

The nature of the DC is quite simple, you either fit the circle or you don’t. To get in it, there are only two possibilities….either be nominated by an existing DC member and then endorsed by two others for full membership, or in very rare circumstances, you can be fast tracked through by the High Priest of the circle himself. If you don’t know who DC members are or the High Priest, you’re not close enough to the circle.

So if you’re applying, drop us an e-mail with your name, mobile and who nominated you from the DC.

The Bloodline is still 0203 287 6684

The DC march this September to Sheffield and vote in the new Young Blood bands at Highway to Hell. Likewise they form the backbone of our yearly road trip to Ibiza.[/vc_column_text][us_single_image image=”583″ align=”center”][/vc_column][/vc_row]