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    A monstrous project is ahead of us and without a doubt, this is as unique as LORDI’s costumes and career. Mr. Lordi and his crew are announcing the release of a boxset of 7 new albums at once. The “Lordiversity“ box shall be available on November 26th as a 7-CD boxset and as a 7-Vinyl boxset in […]
    Charlotte Hooper
    Over the course of 20 years, Raging Speedhorn have built a solid and long-standing reputation as one of the UK’s leading metal outfits. Since the release of their eponymous debut in 2000, the sextet have enjoyed a career built on stunning, raucous live shows and albums to boot. A career that has seen the sextet […]
    Charlotte Hooper
  • Ward XVI Metamorphosis on Gorgeous Special Vinyl
    The inmates of Ward XVI have had a moment of clarity and have seen through their sedative induced haze and are plotting to release Metamorphosis on vinyl! ORDER HERE! Scheduled for release in September 2021 to mark the 1-year anniversary of release, ‘Metamorphosis ’ will be available as a double LP in a black ink […]
    Toby Winch
  • INTERVIEW – King Kraken
    2020 was the year that nobody predicted…except maybe psychic Sylvia Browne! Our world of music was dropped on its head, much like a metalhead diving into a crowd dispersed of people. But from despondency, comes inspiration, innovation, comradery, and the overwhelming love of our music industry.   Just ask South Wales’ King Kraken, who in 2020 […]
    Michelle Evans
  • ALBUM REVIEW – Master Charger – Origin of the Lugubrious
    My biggest issue with music this year is that I haven’t been able to “feel” the music. That feeling you get when you stand a little too close to the speakers and your whole body can feel the music. Experts would probably say that if you can feel the music you’re too close, and probably […]
    Jezebel Steele
  • ALBUM REVIEW – Ward XVI – Metamorphosis
    The Art Of Manipulation – the debut album from Preston based psychos Ward XVI – literally exploded onto the scene in 2017 with an over the top myriad of styles. It seems to have been an interminable wait for the follow-up, but fear not as on September 25th 2020, Metamorphosis will be unleashed! Eleven songs […]
    Dennis Jarman
  • Hammerfest 13 Sold Out!
    Not a huge surprise following on from yesterday’s news, but great never the less – Hammerfest 13 is now sold out!
    Toby Winch
  • Hammerfest 13 Red Alert – 99% Sold
    News just in from the Hammerfest team – and a final shout out to anyone who has yet to get their Hammerfest tickets sorted for 2021.  With 99% sold, that means just 13 tickets are left to see the likes of Lordi, Unleashed, Raging Speedhorn, Forever Still, Venom Inc, Conan, Blaze Bayley and many many […]
    Toby Winch
  • Ward XVI’s Stunning Second Album “Metamorphosis” Out Today
    One of the most eagerly awaited albums of the year is released today via Metal Rocka Recordings.  Ward XVI’s second album, Metamorphosis, is garnering incredible reviews from around the globe as the insane asylum opens its doors for fans to take a peek – if they dare! MRR boss John Ellis said today “It’s with […]
    Toby Winch
  • Ward XVI Unleash Video for Single “Shadows”
    In anticipation of this Friday’s release of their monumental album “Metamorphosis”, Ward XVI have unveiled their latest stunning video – this time for single “Shadows”. The band revealed “We’re once again thrilled to share our music with you. Shadows is the finale of Metamorphosis and features Russ Custard from Footprints In The Custard / Frozen […]
    Toby Winch