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  • Master Charger Release Brand New Video for Forthcoming Single “Earthbound Hellbound”
    Master Charger and Stoned Rocka Recordings are delighted to bring you another offering from the Midlander’s forthcoming album “Origin of the Lugubrious”!  The band play both HRH Psych and Hammerfest in early 2021 as the band ramp up their bid to be one of the leading doom stoner bands in the UK. John of Master […]
    Toby Winch
  • Metal Rocka Stars Ward XVI Announce Album Launch Gig
    Metal Rocka’s Ward XVI have some news…rumour has it there’s going to be an album launch gig somewhere in northern England… “Inmates, as a reward for your good behaviour you will be allowed a few minutes of television. Here’s the latest news broadcast with Wolfy Huntsman and Dr Von Stottenstein covering all things current as […]
    Toby Winch
  • Hammerfest 13 Ready to Burst into Birmingham 2021!
    With 12 bands added to the lineup for Hammerfest 13, including many from the postponed Hammerfest XII, this cycle is one of the biggest and best yet for metalheads everywhere. More bands are due to be announced soon so keep your eyes and ears on the pulse as Hammerfest takes over the Birmingham O2 Academy […]
    Toby Winch
  • Lordi & Unleashed Headline the First Experiential Hammerfest to Hit Birmingham!
    2021 sees Hammerfest 13 arrive in Birmingham with a new production and a new feel to go with the new destination. A 2 day, 3 arena affair with over 40 bands performing over the 2 days at the 02 Academy. Get Your Hammerfest Deals Here! We have some of the biggest names in metal, with […]
    Toby Winch
  • Hammerfest 13 New Production New Feel New Destination for 2021
    HRH has entered 2020 with a complete change culture for 2021, where we will ride our new Sound & Vision policy into effect by changing everything we do in 2021. Expect new destinations, a more experiential & theatrical approach as well as some hidden gems appearing all over the HRH spectrum. Our first 2021 event […]
    Toby Winch
  • Norse Battle Gods TYR, Aephanemer and 5 More March in to Finish Off Hammerfest XII
    Norse battle gods TYR, Aephanemer, The Red Widows, Blind Monarch, Incinery, Harbinger & stoner favourites Line of Fire march in, to finish off Hammerfest XII It’s only just over 7 weeks away and it’s a real pleasure to bring in our Norse heroes, TYR, for a rare UK appearance and to headline Thursday night which we […]
    Toby Winch
  • Hammerfest X Legends Sepultura Release First of Behind The Scenes Videos
    On February 7th, Hammerfest X legends Sepultura will release their new album, entitled Quadra, via Nuclear Blast and have begun a series of behind the scenes videos, the first of which focuses on drummer Eloy Casagrande and his contribution to the new album.   Commenting in the trailer, frontman Derrick Green explains: “I think the creativity of Eloy’s drum style […]
    Toby Winch
  • Hammerfest XII Headliners Korpiklaani Release New Single / Video “Beer Kill Kill”
    Hammerfest XI headliners Korpiklaani have released their latest single with a lyric video – ‘Beer Kill Kill’ – which features EXODUS vocalist Steve “Zetro” Souza. “I was very excited, thrilled and honored to be asked and cannot wait to play this live with them! Trash ‘Beer Beer,’ time for ‘Kill Kill,‘ EXODUS style.” – Zetro GET YOUR HAMMERFEST PACKAGES HERE! Their UK Tour dates […]
    Toby Winch
  • ALBUM REVIEW – Acid Reign – The Age of Entitlement
    Forget Guns N’ Roses and Tool, Acid Reign fans have been waiting 29 years for ‘The Age Of Entitlement’, only their 3rd full-length album in their career.  Of course we’re lucky to even have this album at all considering the hurdles that a DIY band faces nowadays, and also because the band put off the […]
    Neil Coggins
  • Hammerfest XII Stars Korpiklaani Release New Video
    Hammerfest XII‘s Finnish folk metal superstars Korpiklaani are currently hopping from festival stage to festival stage (next stop: MetalDays, Tolmin, Sovenia) in support of their current studio album ‘Kulkija’ (“Wanderer”; released on September 7, 2018 through Nuclear Blast). HAMMERFEST PACKAGES HERE! The band has unleashed another version of their much-loved hit ‘Beer Beer’, taken from the aforementioned album’s tour […]
    Toby Winch